You know that things should
change in your company!

You don’t know where to start. You have worked on becoming more competitive. You would like to grow sustainably. Around you are great people whom you would like to inspire about the future. You develop new ideas and would like to find somebody with whom you could make things happen.

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I will accompany you in developing your organisation and your employees; pragmatically and very concretely.

I will support you as an external consultant, lead and facilitate your change projects and give technical advice in workshops or presentations. I will be your discussion partner or your coach and work as a manager on an interim basis as well.

When are your employees successful?


I advise, accompany and support you in two fields

Change management

  • Organisational development and implementation of new working methods such as Agile Teams, Remote Work, Virtual Teams, further digitalisierung of your processes
  • Strategic development
  • Transformation of your company
  • Development of your company’s key competencies and your values, "company culture development"
  • Facilitation of your team off-sites
  • Training of interpersonal skills and change
  • Individual potential analysis and career planning
  • Coaching of your leaders and key players
  • Participation of the works council in change processes

Human Resources management

  • Strategic development of the Human Resources function
  • Implementation of the HR Business Partner concept
  • Implementation of Performance Management systems
  • Implementation of Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Conduction of Management Audits and Potential Diagnostics, Personnel Balance
  • Conceptualisation and implementation of leadership development programmes
  • Implementation of mentoring and coaching programmes
  • Further digitalisation of the HR function
  • Conceptualisation and implementation of health management systems
  • Analysis of psychological stress factors at work

When are your employees motivated?

Enabling Change

What is the result of my consultation?

Depending on the mandate, I achieve one or more of the following results with my work

  • Clear focus on goals
  • Better processes and less problems with friction
  • Responsibilities where they should be
  • Better collaboration within the teams and between teams
  • Better usage of new digital tools
  • Faster and more direct reaction to new challenges, higher agility when it comes to dealing with unexpected incidents
  • Motivated employees who develop their talents and use them
  • An inspired leadership team
  • Leaders who reflect, know themselves and their strengths and development areas
  • More fun at the job

A lot is said about strategy.


Dr. Andrea Beddies

  • Psychologist with specialisation in work and organisational psychology, dissertation on the subject of effective counselling, trained coach.
  • Expert for change management and new ways of working, potential diagnostics and personnel development.
  • More than 25 years of professional experience in Human Resources as external trainer and consultant, internal Human Resources personnel developer, HR business partner and in leadership roles as Vice President HR.
  • I’ve worked for different companies from a family owned firm up to big enterprises in different industrial sectors.
  • More than 15 years experience in leading international teams in different regions and in managing international projects, more than two years in a management function in Asia.
  • Setting goals and achieving them, being consistent and not giving up, listening and taking people on board, showing a good sense of humour, not forgetting to laugh, moving forward together even if there are difficulties – that is important for me as a person.

A winning team

When does change work?


Which principles of counselling
and advice guide me?

Understanding and comprehension

To approach the issues with eyes wide open, understand the reasons why and the general conditions of a situation and getting the people on board.

Learning orientation

To advise and counsel in a way that facilitates my departure at the end of the counselling process, with you having learned many of my competencies. Then you don’t need me anymore!


We work together on an eye-to-eye-level. You have your competencies and know-how and I add mine in order to be successful together.


For me the participation of the affected employees is a key success factor in a change process.


The consultancy process starts with a clear mandate and ends with a review of what we have achieved. In the course of the consultancy process we halt here and then to reflect if we are still on the right path.

Orientation towards goals and results

To put together an agenda and a clear plan, make it happen and achieve results. I would like to accomplish something which really helps you.


I love my profession, for me it is a mission. I work on my projects with my full energy. And sometimes the courage to dream creates the power to fight for them. Have the heart to do it …

Sponsor personal growth

Life is like a river or a journey, we can shape a lot of it ourselves and take matters into our own hands. What is your passion and your journey? I will support you in your reflective process.

What are your principles?

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Success Stories

Transformation of a production area, implementation of a holistic work structure

New focus and structure for a Human Resources department in a region

Implementation of a Performance Management concept

Moderation of a strategy off-site

Potential analysis of a leadership team

Management Audit and implementation of a Talent Management process for a global company

Individual coaching for change

Implementation of a health management system